Ann-Sophie Dewaele

Creative Generalist

What can I do for you?

Have you ever noticed how most companies and events can't seem to get their social media quite right?
It's boring, it's ugly and honestly scrolling through it, is just a waste of time.


In the past years I've been tracking all sorts of events and social media branding and I've marked down what works and what doesn't.
I've also taken over for dozens of events and helped companies on their way to a better path - the path to better social media.

We both know you really don't have time to take pictures and brag about how cool your company/event/whatever is, while you're also doing production, networking,... 
I can help you design and incorporate a social media style that will have everyone engaging with your brand!

I also work as a 3D artist for Games and Animation. The last 3 years I focussed completely on doing 3D lighting because I love thinking about composition and style.
Below you can find chunks of my "portfolio".